Homicide: Party of Twelve


When his boss is gunned down in a drive-by outside Chez Alain, the Jersey City restaurant where Frankie Fortunato works as a server, Frankie takes over as manager. Reluctantly, he becomes an integral part of New Jersey State Police Detective Matt Klimecki’s investigation aimed at bringing the criminals who perpetrated the crime to justice. 

The story is that of an everyday guy who is torn between being a reluctant hero, or chucking it all and walking away from a dangerous situation. It’s his loyalty to his fellow workers that motivates him to put himself in a leadership position after the death of his boss to work with an investigating detective. One of those fellow workers is Gabby D'Angelo, the woman he’s been falling in love with. The criminals who perpetrated the crime are patrons of the restaurant, and conspired with the previous manager to use the restaurant to launder money from their illegal activities. 

The setting is inner-city. The scenes can be gritty, and some of the characters are unsavory. Frankie is an honest, hard-working guy who rises to the occasion to fight his criminal antagonists. The mood is serious, as Frankie is constantly undergoing inner conflict over his decisions to (a) become the new restaurant manager, and (b) becoming part of Detective Matt Klimecki’s investigation.


A typical Bronte novel.  Fast, realistic, enjoyable.


Just when you thought you had it figured out, it takes you someplace else.


Hold on.  This one takes you for a ride.

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