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When his boss is gunned down in a drive-by outside Chez Alain, the Jersey City restaurant where Frankie Fortunato works as a server, Frankie takes over as manager. He becomes an integral part of the state police's investigation. 

The story is that of an everyday guy who is torn between being a reluctant hero, or chucking it all and walking away from a dangerous situation. 


It’s their thirtieth reunion at John Adams College, and one of the brothers of Zeta Chi is found dead. The authorities say it’s not murder due to lack of evidence, and the brothers say, “If you won’t investigate, we will.”  Who knew it would involve international terrorists, the CIA, and the U.S. Treasury anticrime unit called FinCEN.


It’s Saturday, Sept. 25th, and an entire town has no memory of what happened to Friday. In the future, time travel becomes the ultimate weapon, and reporter Johnny Pappas goes against the futuristic invaders to save his town from their control—and to get the story.


Dead presidents play a supernatural game of Risk, the board game of world domination, and their moves are reflected in the real world. Follow the exploits of real-life hero Pauli Campo as he navigates the presidents’ influence to prevent the death of millions.


As an Army Ranger, Jake Blackwell had done four tours of duty Iraq. Back home, working as a handyman, he stumbles across a backpack-sized nuclear bomb, and his mission becomes finding whoever made it before the unthinkable happens.


Carmen Madrid finally gets his chance at being a hotshot salesman. Little did he know that the dealership sold more than just cars, and that drugs, money laundering, and pornography were part of the deal. Fast cars, and faster women, see if Carmen takes the high road and lands on his feet—or not.


Rosenbloom & Starr is a department store empire in 1979, and Tom “Crash” Crandall has no idea that the merchandise issues he sees on his sales floor are the result of a hostile takeover attempt.  Crash saves his company from a murderous international syndicate whose tentacles reach into our own government.


Shock-jock extraordinaire, Gulliver had been one of the greatest. Now, he’s doing the graveyard shift in Nowhere, USA. He takes the tenth call, and the caller is into murder. The caller calls repeatedly. Who is he, and how is he always the tenth call?


1969: the Counterculture vs. the Establishment. Brownie smoked his first joint and got laid in the sun and the mud at Woodstock, and also enrolled at Alliance College. He didn’t anticipate getting tangled in a drug distribution ring and trying to save himself and his best friend from disaster.


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